What to do with Extra breast milk

As a mother of 4 I have experienced breastfeeding on all different levels! from too much milk to zero milk and other things in between! Today we’re going to talk about what to do when were on the too much milk side! Did you know that for the first time ever Utah opened a fully functional milk bank! Yay for those that donate and receive milk in Utah!

Located in South Salt lake the Mountain West Mothers Milk Bank not only accepts milk,  it sorts, pasteurizes, treats and freezes the milk for medically fragile infants. Before now to donate milk in Utah you would have to drop it at a designated drop off. The milk then would be shipped  to Denver where it would go through the process before being distributed back to Utah, In that process so much milk was lost due to heat, dropping, sitting on the dock to long. They say 10% of the milk would be lost in transportation. To a nursing mother that is a SAD day! 

There are lots of reasons why breast milk would be needed, here’s a few of them:

As awesome and needed as breast milk is it is actually kind of a lengthy process to become a donor! For good reasons, the ladies trying to donate have to follow a strict process to be cleared.  here are a few of the things you would have to be willing to do or not do:

“We’re dealing with the most fragile NICU babies, so we have to be extra, extra careful,” said Abby Heiland, who screens the donors. “Staying organized and making sure we stay neat and clean is how we make sure the milk is safe.”
Utah’s first breast milk pasteurization lab is open, easing donations to the state’s fragile infants     Elizabeth Smith , the board chairwomen stated that, Babies who are born prematurely are at risk of necrotizing enterocolitis, a potentially life-threatening intestinal disease; human milk can reduce the risk six- to tenfold, according to UNICEF. It also can protect babies with heart-related disorders from complications”
At any given time, Utah’s largest hospital can have up to 60 babies in the NICU that could benefit greatly from the donated breast milk! This facility is now taking donations from 550 lactating donors, that is amazing! If you’d like any more info on how to donate, where to donate or any other references feel free to comment or call me at the 9th street center and I’d love to help you! 
Until next time, may we all say a little prayer for the health of the sweet ladies donating and the precious babies in need of the nutrients!  

Two Ogden Locations!


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Director: Kara Eddington

South Ogden

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