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With winter approaching entertaining your kids on a bad air or too cold day is a never ending battle! Finding the balance between screen time, outdoor play, homework and free play is insane! Sometimes it seems like more work than necessary, i mean if  I’m cooking dinner and cleaning the house and my kids are content watching descendants 3 for the THOUSANDTH time should i really be that worried?? According to the healthy kids website the answer is yes, I should be worried! Studies show that too much screen time can cause the following problems.

Today we’re going to go over some do’s, don’ts, facts and ways to earn screen time for our kiddos this winter! Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!  give a top 5 shocking facts about kids and screen time, they were FASCINATING!  The one that stuck out the most was the very first statistic. Tweens spend LESS time outside then prisoners. That blew my mind!! 

  I found this on teachers pay teachers and thought it was so cute for my kids to do over Christmas break!  I know in the chilly weather its a lot harder to want to let them go outside but LET them! We’ll do a blog on that later but outside time is super important for multiple reasons! Your sanity being one of them! 
Jump in for kids health states that a child’s chance for obesity increase 6% for every hour of TV watched per day! They also state that children that spend more than 2 hours a day on an electronic device have trouble sleeping. 

Suggestions to Reduce Excessive Screen Time in Children

The most important step is to follow the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for screen time in young children. The recommendations are as follows:

I found these suggestions in a child development article. While reading the article I picked out a few key sentences. They suggest that if we’re worried about or children’s screen time perhaps we set the example by limiting our screen time as well. Kids model our behavior so when we want them to make a change we have to be willing to make the same one. Another thing they suggest was make sure we provide plenty of open ended play activities! I love that! 
This is a topic I am going to continue to research so we’ll cover this again later! 

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