Valentine’s Day Fun

School Announcements Valentine’s Day Fun Monday, February 14- Valentine’s Parties On Monday, February 14 all of our classes will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. For more information about how many kids in your child’s class take a look at out our February Newsletter. All the numbers are located there, Also, Remember all treats need to be […]

Now Enrolling for Kindergarten Fall 2022

School Announcements Now Enrolling for Kindergarten Fall 2022 We are excited to be enrolling for our Fall Kindergarten Classes Calling all pre-kindergarten parents. It’s time to start thinking about where your child will go for kindergarten next year. We have an excellent full-day Kindergarten program. Which includes meals and care before and after class time. […]

Bang, Bang!

Bang, Bang! Hey guys! At the request of our directors we’re going to take things a little serious this week! I understand this is kind of a touchy subject and I will do my best to handle it with care! Before we get too deep into this topic I feel its necessary to let you […]

Laughter is the BEST medicine!

Laughter is the BEST medicine! Ok guys, I’m sitting here trying to pick a serious topic and…I’ve picked a couple that we’ll have to visit at a later time cause today we’re just going to get some laughs! So you’re welcome! Have  great week! I’ll be back Thursday  with something great and educational!  Maybe I […]