Fall Family Night Activity

School Announcements Fall Family Night Activity Wednesday, September 29 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. We will be having our Annual Fall Family Night Activity on Wednesday, September 29. 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. This will be held at Green Acres corn maze and pumpkin patch. The address is  449 S. 4700 W. in Ogden. This […]

New School Year!

School Announcements New School Year! New Year Begins Monday, August 30 We will start our new school year on Monday, August 30, 2021. We are excited to start our preschool, pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten school year. The teachers are busy getting everything ready for a new school year and can’t wait to meet their new students […]

Closed Friday, August 27

School Announcements School Closed Friday, August 27 Teacher Work Day We will be closed on Friday, August 27. We will be having a teacher work day. Our teachers will use this day to get our school ready for a new school year. We appreciate you helping us give our teachers time to adequately prepare their […]

Bang, Bang!

Bang, Bang! Hey guys! At the request of our directors we’re going to take things a little serious this week! I understand this is kind of a touchy subject and I will do my best to handle it with care! Before we get too deep into this topic I feel its necessary to let you […]

Laughter is the BEST medicine!

Laughter is the BEST medicine! Ok guys, I’m sitting here trying to pick a serious topic and…I’ve picked a couple that we’ll have to visit at a later time cause today we’re just going to get some laughs! So you’re welcome! Have  great week! I’ll be back Thursday  with something great and educational!  Maybe I […]