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Heartfelt message from one of our Families

All three of my children attended...

I’ve been going to Children’s Classic for years. The kids are always greeted with names and so am I. They are well-loved. They love the kids and treat them the same way that they would want to be treated. Lots of respect and dignity, trust me. They’re treated better than anywhere else that I’ve ever seen.There’s a wide variety of different cultures that go to this daycare. Everybody is treated with respect and dignity. The children are well-liked in each class and welcomed. Everybody feels like they’re just as important as everybody else, because everybody’s self-worth is important. They get to go on field trips to different facilities and other places, as well. They participate in children’s singing and programs. They’ve done a well-rounded job for my children.

Come Learn and Play with us today...

Since 1964 Children's Classic child care centers has offered quality preschool and child care services.  Our state licensed centers offer care for infants, toddlers, twos and pre-school up to  grade school children, which include a full-day Kindergarten.  Our 9th Street center also offers a Head Start program.  To find out more information about Our Programs, please click here.  We have 2 locations as follows:

  • 160 9th Street in Ogden

     Call: (801) 399-4446 eMail: kara@childrensclassic.net christie@childrensclassic.net

     Call: (801) 479-0400 eMail: justina@childrensclassic.net  kim@childrensclassic.net


Children's Classic Blog

We are excited to share with you our new adventure, the Children's Classic Blog. Where you can read some funny stories and get some ideas from our CC Blogger, Ashley Kendell.

Ashley has worked for Children's Classic for 7 1/2 yrs. She worked at the South center for 4 yrs then transferred to 9 th. St. to be with her kids. She is a wife & mother of 3 beautiful kids, Hunter, Abby and Morgan. Ashley is fun-loving, outgoing and you never know what to expect from her. She keeps everyone laughing at work with all her antics so who best to write for us but her, with all her fun, wild & crazy ideas and silly stunts. So please take a minute and read the blog and feel free to comment on all her fun ideas and stories... http://childrensclassickids.blogspot.com/

* This institution is an equal opportunity provider. ****