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They’ve been a lifesaver for our family.

Children’s Classic has been a wonderful place my granddaughter. She started there at 6 months, she is currently just a couple of weeks away from 6 years old. They have been wonderful with her. They have great teachers. They have a very supportive staff that works with individual kids. They have just met every need that we have ever needed to be met. They’ve worked with her clear from being an infant, through potty training, through teaching manners and kindness. She is now in private kindergarten at that location. They’ve been a lifesaver for our family.

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Since 1964 Children's Classic child care centers has offered quality preschool and child care services.  Our state licensed centers offer care for infants, toddlers, twos and pre-school up to  grade school children, which include a full-day Kindergarten.  Our 9th Street center also offers a Head Start program.  To find out more information about Our Programs, please click here.  We have 2 locations as follows:

  • 160 9th Street in Ogden

     Call: (801) 399-4446 eMail: kara@childrensclassic.net christie@childrensclassic.net

     Call: (801) 479-0400 eMail: justina@childrensclassic.net  kim@childrensclassic.net

**** This institution is an equal opportunity provider. ****